World Storytelling Day – Bringing stories to life through now>press>play

Evolve work with a number of educational partners to ensure the children and schools we support benefit from a wide range of activities. In celebration of World Storytelling Day this week, our latest feature incorporates the unique concept of now>press>play.
If you enter a classroom during a session of now>press>play you will see the curriculum being delivered in a whole different light. A class full of children wearing bright pink headphones working through a series of tasks with very little noise is a wonder to behold.
With a wide range of topics based upon the EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 national curriculum, now>press>play are bringing learning to life in numerous schools across the country. Teachers select their desired topic before children become immersed in a story where they go on a mission of discovery, knowledge acquisition and problem solving by using their auditory and kinesthetic learning methods to underpin their understanding.
And the learning does not stop there. The package comes with a variety of resources, worksheets and discussion ideas to extend learning through progression and differentiation.
The benefits of the programme are substantial, as noted on the now>press>play website:

  • Produces outstanding engagement in children of all abilities.
  • Stimulates children’s imaginations and inspires creative writing.
  • Raises attainment by making learning meaningful and memorable.
  • Extends children’s life experiences.
  • Helps children develop emotional responses and discussion skills.
  • Makes learning fun and exciting.

A number of Evolve Health Mentors have used now>press>plays in a variety of school settings. One Headteacher in the East Midlands explained, “it is great to see children consolidating their learning in the classroom by using different methods. I have seen pupils who look disengaged with the curriculum come to life during a now>press>play session.”
You can find out more about the immersive learning experience at or by contacting a member of the Evolve team.