Why we’ve #AdEnough – supporting Jamie Oliver’s fast food advert campaign

You may have seen on social media various people from all walks of life posting selfies of themselves covering their eyes with a hand. But why?
It is all part of a new campaign by famous TV chef Jamie Oliver, a campaigner for healthy meals in schools and beyond. The #AdEnough hashtag underpins his mission to ban junk food advertisements before 9pm, just one strand of his ten-point strategy to transform the childhood obesity epidemic in the United Kingdom.
He states, ‘if kids are constantly being targeted with cheap, easily accessible, unhealthy junk food, just think how hard it must be to make better, healthier choices.’ Does it really matter? The statistics on his website certainly suggest they do…

  • ‘Over the past 30 years, childhood obesity rates have tripled.’
  • ‘Every year the gap in obesity levels between the most and the least disadvantaged children continues to grow. With 19% of UK families struggling to afford proper food for their kids, our poorest families are twice as likely to be obese as the richest.’
  • ‘The NHS spends £5.1bn a year on obesity. And the UK loses £27bn per year in productivity to poor diets.’

Jamie goes on to explain that ‘there’s nothing in place to protect our kids from seeing these adverts – apart from literally covering their eyes,’ hence the selfie idea.
He concludes, ‘these ads undermine any positive work we’re doing in schools to tackle the rise of childhood obesity,’ an area Evolve are working hard to support. Through wake and shake activities, PE support, lunchtime animation, physical activity interventions and after school clubs, Evolve Health Mentors are ensuring that children in schools across the country are getting access to a variety of opportunities to support their physical health and wellbeing.
Our XLR8 holiday courses also include a variety of physical activity strands, supported by health discussions and suitable options for meals at lunchtimes.
Let us know if you are supporting the campaign by sending us a tweet to @Evolve_Impact with the hashtag #AdEnough .