Evolve join EDUCATE programme

We are delighted to announce that Evolve have recently been granted a place on the EDUCATE programme. As described on the programme website, EDUCATE is a unique project bringing together entrepreneurs and innovators, with academics, researchers and educators, to deliver world-class EdTech products and services.’
Working with partners such as the British Educational Suppliers Association, Nesta and F65, the project is designed ‘to develop, evaluate and improve products and services with the use of research evidence.’
Such a programme will ensure that Evolve are providing schools with access to a fine-tuned Project HE:RO service which will allow pupils to further benefit from physical and emotional health and wellbeing support.
John Bishop, Managing Director of Evolve, explained: The EDUCATE programme aligns perfectly with Evolve’s development plans to increase our reach and impact. Developing our programme using robust research methods will allow schools to engage more confidently in evidence-based practice and using digital technology means that participation becomes much more accessible, replicable and affordable.”
Everyone at Evolve is looking forward to the project that ‘will assist in developing world-class products and services that are effective and fit for purpose.’