Every school needs a Health Mentor – and now you can have one at almost zero cost

You may not have heard about the amazing work of Evolve Health Mentors but they really should be on your radar.
Education’s best kept secret
Evolve Health Mentors are inspiring and motivational role models who are specifically trained to improve the physical, emotional, cognitive health and wellbeing of pupils, especially the most vulnerable. Traditionally, a school works in partnership with Evolve to deploy one of their Health Mentors to provide valuable pastoral support for between one and five days per week for at least one full academic year.
When independently evaluated by Leeds Beckett University, this is what Professor Jim McKenna had to say about Health Mentor input:
What they say about Evolve
Every school needs a Health Mentor
The cost of deploying Health Mentors can be prohibitive for some schools. Also, some schools may already have an inspiring and motivational role model who could become a Health Mentor with the right training and support.
How to get a Health Mentor for your schools at almost zero cost
You can use your apprenticeship levy to fund one or more members of your teaching support to complete Evolve’s Health Mentor Training Programme from September 2018. This levy has already been taken from your 2018/19 budget and the only way to reclaim it is to invest in apprenticeship approved training courses. Therefore, this essential CPD opportunity for teaching support staff is available at no extra cost to your budget for this year, and could be part of your strategic investment plan for apprenticeship levy funds for years to come.
How do I register interest on behalf of my school and staff?
Easy! Share this flyer with a relevant colleague who may be interested in enrolling on the programme and ask them to complete the following expression of interest form.
Please do let me know if I can provide any further information. But act quickly because we are already experiencing significant demand in this fully funded CPD opportunity.