Improve the health and wellbeing of your school with this free (*) course

According to this DfE study, the emotional wellbeing of students is a better predictor of their academic success than their socio-economic status. So what if I told you that I could offer your teaching support staff a fully funded training course that has evidence of improving both the health and academic outcomes of pupils?
The Health Mentor Training Programme is a 12 to 18 month long apprenticeship programme that has been training Health Mentors (like me) for the past 10 years. When I was a Health Mentor I supported pupils and staff in numerous schools, using the knowledge, skills and behaviours learnt on this course.
Hiring an Evolve Health Mentor is not always possible due to financial constraints and I have often been asked by schools if it is possible for Evolve to train one of their own members of staff. Until now, my answer has always been that this is not possible but the apprenticeship reforms now mean that we can use levy funding to train school staff.
If this is something that you are interested in please share this leaflet with relevant colleagues and ask them to register their interest in the programme using this short form.
(*) Free – This is not entirely true since you will be using your apprenticeship levy funding to pay for the training. However, this has already been taken from your 2018/19 budget so it will not cost you anything extra, which means it is almost free!