Three ways you can improve the mental health of your pupils and staff at no cost

I know mental health issues are in the news a lot at the moment so what can I do about this and is it really at no cost?
Step 1 – Read this leaflet
Step 2 – Share it with teaching support staff
Step 3 – Ask them to confirm interest asap before the opportunity is lost
If you don’t have time to open the flyer, the quick version is that we can train your teaching support staff to improve the physical, emotional and cognitive health and wellbeing of your pupils.
Is it really at no cost?
Yes. And no.
The training is eligible for apprenticeship levy funding so it is not technically free. However, there is a real shortage of eligible apprenticeship standards for the education sector and schools have not used their levy contributions. Therefore, this training will not affect your current budget because your levy deduction would already have been taken.
Here is the expression of interest form if you would like to take up this opportunity to upskill your workforce at nil cost and improve the mental health and wellbeing of your school.
Note: You do not need to hire new staff to capitalise on this offer. Apprenticeship levy funding can be used to train your existing workforce.