How a summer of trepidation for pupils and parents can be nullified by an Evolve XLR8 course

As the reflection of the sun glistens off windows and dry grass disintegrates from green to varying shades of yellow, children across the country rejoice in the knowledge they will not be sitting at a school table for the best part of six weeks.
A substantial period brimming with a range of emotions – happiness, excitement, joyous thoughts that can often be overwhelmed by boredom as the onset of over a month without the school routine causes parents to battle with childcare arrangements and organising activities to keep their children entertained.
Yet one particular set of children and their parents could see their feelings trumped by one overwhelming emotion – trepidation. After a final week where they said goodbyes to friends and teachers that many would have seen every day for 39 weeks since they were just four-years old, primary school leavers will be turning their attention to transitioning into secondary school.
The general consensus is a common one for most of these 11-year olds – a feeling of excitement but nervous tension as they move from a homely primary school environment to a huge new setting where the majority of people would begin as strangers to even the most confident pupils.
With the summer holidays providing substantial time to be caught up in these emotions, anxiety and stress can be a real issue for many of these young people. It is a concern reflected by the parents. Just last week, Kay Holmes, a freelance writer and parent, told The Guardian: “Things will change fast: you’re one summer away from a different world that even a diehard curmudgeon can acknowledge is a bittersweet experience.”
Fail to prepare; prepare to fail. A familiar phrase with a meaning that rings true in this particular situation. The advice provided by secondary schools is to ensure your child is as prepared as possible for the transition process. And Evolve are here to help…
Utilising one of four themes, courses have been developed across the country to support a huge step in every child’s life. With sessions that encourage vitality, talent and enterprise, pupils take part in a range of activities that allow them to make new friends whilst getting used to the new school environment they will enter in September.
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The concept of preparation is paramount to the objectives of the courses known as XLR8 and many of the programmes are also extended to younger Key Stage 2 pupils so their transition process can begin early.
Interested? You can find out what courses are on offer here and read more information on the XLR8 section of our website.