Ffaldau Primary School, Pontycymmer, Bridgend

Ffaldau Primary School is one of seven schools in the Bridgend cluster where Evolve Health Mentors have made an impact on the health and wellbeing of pupils. Between March and December 2015, Evolve’s Project HE:RO achieved:

  • A 5% increase in boys’ motivation and engagement through mentoring of 8 targeted pupils
  • Behaviour of the target group improved 12.4%
  • Attendance improved by 1.75% through the Wake and Shake breakfast club programme

Improvements in numeracy and literacy were achieved though physical maths sessions, classroom support and coaching, written reports of football games and reward sticker cards. Evolve delivered 216 class support lessons in literacy and numeracy, 224 motivation mentoring sessions, 54 Wake and Shake breakfast club sessions, 6 after-school clubs with 54 days of support in total over the 9 months. In addition the school now competes in sport festivals and tournaments and playground activities are available every day.

Patricia Schofield, Headteacher

“I want to see our children develop the excitement for learning. I want their aspirations to increase.

“It’s been great. There is a difference in those boys, undoubtedly; in their behaviour, in their attitude and in their commitment to school.”

Ffaldau pupils

“The biggest thing that I have achieved is either my writing or my maths. I feel confident and happy. When you get physically fit you most of the time get mentally fit.”

“Before he came here I didn’t like working with anyone else.”

“I play less on my X-Box so I can come to school and go to breakfast club and spend time with Joe.”

“The Health Mentor helped me be good in class and I try not to be sent out. Before they came I used to be really really naughty and not getting along with other people.”

Joe Powton, Health Mentor

“You’ve got to find out what makes these children tick and encourage their interests in whatever they like doing. Seeing pupils positively engaged in school and actively learning as a result of Project HE:RO is a great achievement for the school team and the pupils themselves. ”

Ffaldau are funding the Health Mentor two days a week out of their school budget. Evolve helps schools meet ESTYN recommendations and are already significantly improving the health and wellbeing of both staff and pupils. Health and wellbeing is one of six areas of learning prioritised by Professor Graham Donaldson in his review of the Welsh curriculum which will receive much closer scrutiny in coming months and years.

If you would like to learn more about Evolve and the work of their Health Mentors, you can make contact using 0845 519 8446 or via email at hello@evolvesi.com.



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