Designed to Move – Active Schools

Designed to Move: Active Schools

‘Active Schools’ is a practical guide for school leaders from Designed to Move, jam-packed with useful toolkits and activity programmes. Children often have limited access to quality physical activity provision, and this can be provided in schools to the benefit of pupils, schools, and the wider population.

The report includes sample activities and case studies in schools demonstrating how to get all participating in being physically active. These contain a variety of approaches for different age ranges as well as different equipment and space capacities. They propose standards of ability that should be achieved at primary school age, and the basic skills and first steps which can be implemented to ensure this progress is made as part of the best practice of being an active school. This involves not only getting children to do activities, but getting them to understand how to and why they should be active.

Being an active school is about the quantity, quality, and culture of physical activity delivered in the school day. Best practice examples include having healthy role models in staff who are engaging with them in sports and physical education at a high level whilst making this fun and engaging, and providing progress reports showing pupils the impact that consistent activity has. To increase physical activity levels this can also be brought into the classroom.

The impact of this improvement during the critical time of primary school years can be felt across society and in generations to come, as healthier and more productive individuals are developed through the physical and cognitive benefits of an active lifestyle. Within the school the benefits include behaviour, attainment, and attendance, with pupils becoming happier and better able to achieve in later life.

“An Active School is a successful school. A successful school does more for its pupils than deliver academic progress.

A positive approach to regular physical activity should be embedded within all schools to support the development of healthy children that will deliver educational progress as a satisfying by-product.

This report has shone further light on this theme and I encourage all school leaders to audit their educational offer against the examples of best practice outlined within this report.”

– John Bishop, Evolve Managing Director

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