Evaluation of Project HE:RO – Keighley

Evaluation of Project HE:RO – Keighley

Researchers from Leeds Beckett University observed Health Mentors working in Project HE:RO across four schools in Keighley, and found that the work done improved behaviour, resilience, and confidence, whilst providing social and learning support as well as extra curricular activities.

Evolve staff were seen building meaningful and positive relationships with children and school staff, establishing themselves as role models in the schools. Through this Health Mentors are able to support teachers and pupils self-sufficiency and wellbeing as well as incorporating physical activity into the school day.

The mentoring role of the Health Mentor helps to support the emotional wellbeing and development of pupils, creating a positive environment for learning. Sustained contact helps pupils form healthy habits, and increase their own strength of mind and resilience. Therefore, on the whole Project HE:RO can help to improve long-term health outcomes as well as academic progress.

Project HE:RO is increasingly effective where teachers are engaged in order to sustain the benefits, with many teachers acknowledging and praising the ability of Health Mentors to teach self-control and resilience.

Quotes from teachers interviewed in the study further demonstrate the worth of Project HE:RO:

“There would be a massive impact in terms of a loss of expertise, time and the capacity to have someone to mentor specific children it they weren’t here. It’s massive to have someone available to do the work they do. The teachers and children really value it”

Head Teacher

“It’s about meeting the social and emotional needs of the children, if you can’t concentrate, have no confidence or lack self-esteem then the classroom is a very difficult place. Building that up, for me, is so important before you can start learning”

– Head Teacher

“They are very astute, very good at seeing kids who are struggling and need help before they start becoming disruptive and losing focus”

– Head Teacher

“There are now 60 children, who weren’t getting any sport above the PE curriculum, getting an extra hour a week at lunchtime thanks to Evolve. That’s massive”

– Class Teacher

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