LKMCo Project HE:RO Impact Evaluation Report 2015/16

LKMCo Project HE:RO Impact Evaluation Report 2015/16

Evolve Project HE:RO Health Mentors have a positive impact on pupil outcomes, a study by education researchers LKMco has found. They conducted an independent evaluation across the impact areas of pupil behaviour, personal development, emotional wellbeing, attendance, and pupil progress. LKMCo used Evolve’s own survey methods as well as case studies, and from this proposed suggestions which have since been used to improve the survey system which developed into our Health & Wellbeing assessment tool.

Survey questions were selected to demonstrate different improvement areas, with the data backed up by supporting case study quotes from pupils, teachers, or Health Mentors. The question related to wellbeing showed improvements for the majority of 45%, and case studies showed this was most beneficial where the support had been sustained over a longer period of time. Health Mentors were seen to help promote a healthy lifestyle. For physical health, the chosen responses showed a 51% increase in activity and a 44% increase in those who were eating healthy amounts of fruit and vegetables. In the classroom, 37% maintained and 38% improved in terms of their attitude to learning over the year. These improvements in wellbeing were also seen to contribute positively to attendance with 71% showing an increase.

Pupils who took part in the case studies said:

“It’s made a difference to how I play with people, how I talk to people and how I react.”

“It’s just made me a better person in life…[before] I would just lash out at everything, and when people were getting on my nerves I would just hit them…because I was too scared to tell my teacher, and it would just be inside me for I don’t know how long and I just couldn’t stand it anymore…then when I was with Jody [the Health Mentor] I started relaxing a bit more.”

“It’s made a difference to how I feel about school. I’m better at my writing, I’m better at maths, I’m getting better at playing out with my friends, not hurting them and that’s good.”

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