Sport Outcomes Evidence Review

Commissioned by Sport England to review the outcomes they contributed to as part of Sporting Future, the government strategy for supporting physical and mental wellbeing, and individual, social, community, and economic development, through sport. These outcomes are hoped to be achieved through participating, spectating, and volunteering in sport.

For physical wellbeing, a sustained range of activity types as part of a healthy lifestyle helps to improve development, quality of life, and general physical wellness. Regular mental wellbeing interventions reduce the risk of anxiety and depression and increase self-esteem and confidence, but more longitudinal studies would give the benefit of demonstrating more long-term results. Other benefits of sport include developing self-control for the individual, bonding within the community, and potential for job increases and reduced health costs for the economy.

This and further evidence to be produced from ongoing reviews help to demonstrate how sport and physical activity can be used to develop wider outcomes for the individual and the society.

The outcomes attributed to sport that are identified in this report are often unintended and not the core focus of the activity.

To ensure that these outcomes are consistently replicated, coach training and funding policy needs to explicitly prioritise these physical, mental and community development outcomes over technical, participatory or sports development outcomes.”

– John Bishop, Evolve Managing Director

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